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CSPA Weekly Newsletter for August 14, 2009
Dear Jerry  
If there is one week this year where you can do something to save the Delta and its fisheries, this is it. It is so important that you show your opposition to the dissection of the Delta, the current plans of the Schwarzenneger administration, which includes a canal, and gates throughout the waterway. You can do so by attending the Monday rally on the North Steps of the Capitol and attending the Tuesday Legislative Joint Hearings on the Delta Bill package. All of the details on both are included in CSPA Action Alert 8.15.09. You do NOT need a boat to participate in EITHER activity.
If you still doubt that fact that the water wars have reached the critical stage, read the article and watch the videos, "Robert Johnson to Sean Hannity: "Man up!" Hopefully this will convince you that we need your  participation, support and yes, contributions, to keep CSPA in the fight.
Imagine five years from now, with the Delta a  series of polluted, weed clogged, salt impacted waterways and most of the Sacramento River water shuttled around the Delta south to the agribusinesses of the San Joaquin Valley. And you didn't do a thing to stand in the way!
Don't be that person, step forward NOW! Get involved, participate, come to rallies and hearings, write letters, sign petitions and help with a few bucks, more than a few if you can afford it. We CAN stop the destruction of the Delta, the jewel in the crown of all of California's public trust resources.
Bill Jennings, Executive Director, CSPA 
The Million Boat Float and Legislative Hearings... 
bulletAugust 12-Million Boat Float Will Arrive Before Delta Bill Hearing by Dan  Bacher
bulletAugust 11-Are you going to any of the week's events? Please take this survey!
bulletAugust 10-Alert! The Delta and its fisheries need you
August 10-More on the Million Boat Float
August 10-Restore the Delta is asking you to take special action on behalf of protecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
August 8-More details on Million Boat Float, August 16-17: Join Us! 
CSPA member Robert Johnson calls for Sean Hannity to, "Man Up" and more on the San Joaquin Valley front... 
bulletAugust 14-Robert Johnson to Sean Hannity: "Man Up!"
bulletAugust 14-Big Agriculture's Big Lies!
bulletAugust 13-Lloyd Carter rips the Sean Hannity Show into soundbites of misinformation, falsehoods and just plain lies!
The battle for the Delta and the Peripheral Canal skirmishes... 
bulletAugust 15-CSPA Action Alert 8.15.09
bulletAugust 15-CSPA's Bill Jennings to be on KQED Radio, Monday, 9:00 a.m. with canal advocate Senator Simitian, and Jonas Minton, PCL
bulletAugust 13-CSPA - Undersecretary Hayes now knows there is no unanimity about a peripheral canal and BDCP
bulletAugust 13-California Water Forum Excludes Delta Communities by Dan Bacher
bulletAugust 11-CSPA - Lester's Stacked Deck: Are we surprised? 
bulletAugust 11-AB 39, the Delta Plan's contradiction: coequal goals of water for people, agriculture and the ecosystem
bulletAugust 11-A food fight over water: Such a big problem, so little time from the San Diego Union-Tribune
CSPA This Week...  The war on pollution...  Saving the Mokelumne...  Trying to have DFG take responsibility for our fisheries... 
bulletAugust 13-CSPA charges Melrose Metals pollutes bay with zinc and iron
bulletAugust 13-CSPA sues Tri City Rock, Fremont for violations of the Clean Water Act  
bulletAugust 12-EBMUD 2040 Workshop turns into protest to raising Pardee Dam
bulletAugust 11-DFG Capitulates Yet Again: Claims OCAP BO is "full mitigation" for species loss: Ignores more rigorous requirements of state law

And the rest of the week's news...  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

bulletAugust 15-Obama makes good on Montana fly-fishing promise from the Sacramento Bee
bulletAugust 14-Economic Data Supports Efforts to Recover California's Salmon Fisheries: Reestablishing Chinook salmon represents one of the best economic and food production opportunities in the nation
bulletAugust 13-Lawsuit Filed Challenging Improper Bush-era Removal of Endangered Species Protection for Sacramento Splittail
bulletAugust 13-Salmon monitoring projects abandoned by USFWS due to bond freeze
bulletAugust 13-Atlantic Salmon return to Seine from Google News
bulletAugust 12-Salmon count worries linger from the Red Bluff Daily News
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