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Mission Statement

Founded in 1983, the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) was formed to protect, restore and enhance the stateís fishery resources and the aquatic ecosystems they depend on to ensure this renewable public resource is conserved for the publicís use and that of future generations.

To achieve this objective CSPA advocates fishery conservation based on sound scientific and professional management that protects and conserves the aquatic and terrestrial habitat essential for the stateís fisheries to exist at abundant, self-sustaining levels. CSPA is a non-profit, tax deductible, public benefit organization that represents prominent fishing organizations across the state and individual members committed to conserving the stateís fishery resources and habitat. CSPA focuses much of its effort in communicating and working with governmental agencies, policy makers and fishery managers to ensure they have the support they need to protect the publicís fishery legacy at self-sustaining levels.

When this focus isnít successful, CSPA utilizes political action and litigation to assist in realizing its critical conservation objectives, both of which have been found to be necessary and effective tools.


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