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Why don’t we invest more heavily in agriculture?


January 30, 2010 -- Throughout history, when agriculture expanded, the environment suffered. Irrigation, chemical pesticides and fertilizers have devastated farm land and rivers from China to Africa. Today California faces the same issue. Locally agriculture has left the San Joaquin River unfit for irrigation or fish. Last year the “Feds” infused 300 million in an effort to restore the San Joaquin River.


For the better part of this decade, The Sacramento Delta has been burdened by excess dewatering. The resulting “Ecosystem collapse” has cost Commercial fisherman their livelihood. Native species from Smelt and Salmon to Killer Whales are threatened. State and Federal governments will eventually spend billions to restore this environment as well.


Today California has the best interest of the economy in mind; however, the environment will be sacrificed. Prominent Scientists conclude that the west side of the San Joaquin Valley is an impaired drainage and should be retired. In the absence of a fresh water supply, salt intrusion will irrevocably compromise the Delta.


Like the federal deficit, a damaged environment will be passed on to future generations. I am not an environmentalist.  I desire only to stop giving away our water resource to billionaire shareholders. This issue is not Water for Fish or Food from Farms. The message is don’t devastate the environment for economic gain.


David & D.Ann Schurr 


More and more on Carnegie...


December 31, 2009 -- As a life long angler, outdoorsman and Off roader; I just want to say that you don't represent anything I stand for.  Your "non profit," along with so many other evrio-extremist groups, living off government grants and misguided leftist donors have hi-jacked this state.  All we do as "regular" Californians is fight so called environmental groups like yourselves.  Just to keep doing the things we've done our whole lives.  


Thanks for being smarter than us common folk  



Lars, as another life long Californian, I think you've unwittingly hit upon the problem. When I showed up in 1949, California had less than 10 million people. We're now somewhere around 40 million but many people believe they should still still be able to do what they did 60 years ago, catch and kill enough fish for themselves, their neighbors and the widow down the block, drive their motorcycles and 4WD vehicles through anyplace in the wilderness and dump anything no longer wanted into California's lakes and streams. Times have changed. We've learned that we need to be better stewards or our resources or we won't have them anymore. And unfortunately, in the case with Carnegie, that includes the run-off from operating vehicles at RV parks. Ed.


December 31, 2009 -- You want to stop waterway pollution then stop fishing!!!!!!! Every time you put your boat in the water you are polluting, boat exhaust discharge into the water carrying unburned hydrocarbons and oil, you pollute the waterways more in one day than Carnegie does in six months (corral hollow creek doesn't have water in it for at least 9 months a year) And why don't you pay attention to the most popular fishing areas around the bay area, fisherman leave garbage all over the ground such as cans, bottles, cigarette butts, food wrappers and bait bags along with miles of broken fishing lines, most of this garbage ends up getting blown into the waterways causing more pollution than Carnegie ever could, but i guess this type of behavior is ok because this is your sport!!!!!!!


I work for the Dept. of Water Resources and recently a coworker rescued a blue heron with a fishing line wrapped around its bill saving this beautiful animal from sure death, he didn't pull a motorcycle tire from his neck but fishing line!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen dead shad in old bait bags they get caught in because some fisherman let his bait bag blow into the water  and these fish get caught in them  trying to get a meal. You say Carnegie is just about getting the proper permits but in actuality it's an enviro-terrorist attack!!! environmentalist have been trying for years to get Carnegie closed, they have tried many different angles and this was just another one you got lucky with for now. You people want to save the world than why don't you start with the pollution your own sport creates and leave our sport alone. Over the last few years the off-road community has become very aware of environmental issues and are taking many steps to become compliant with these over exaggerated concerns, we have succumbed to fenced in designated areas with many restrictions, maybe its time for the same for anglers!!!!!!! I am sure you will not put this letter on your website, you did not put my other letter on, I think maybe because as they say TRUTH HURTS!!!!!!!!            


Bruce Meiers----------- a concerned American!!!!!


Bruce, here's your chance to have your piece published. Again, as suggested earlier, take the issue up with the people administering the park. They have dragged their feet throughout this process. Since you claim to work for the DWR, you are well aware of the permitting requirements for waste water. The park needs to comply with those requirements as does any other facility. Ed.


Sports fisherman Alliance,
December 30, 2009 -- If you are so concerned with the heavy metals that are deposited in public waterways why don’t you go after the Sports Fisherman.  What about disallowing boating so the public waterways aren’t polluted by all of the boats that sit 24/7 in the water rusting away.  Your lawsuit is a one sided suit.  Why don’t you open your eyes to your own spot.

Randy Dixon


Randy, CSPA has consistently supported legislation designed to clean up the derelict boats polluting our waterways and has supported legislation banning two stroke engines on mountain lakes and reservoirs. As stated previously, the park's problems can be easily cured if its  owners, the State of California, takes the initiative to do so. Ed.


Dear Mr. Jennings,
I sincerely applaud your appearance as being genuinely concerned about pollution and run-off and protecting the waterways of California. I am not convinced though that your law suit against the Carnegie OHV park is in fact based on genuine concern for protection and preservation of water quality. To me the way this situation was mishandled by getting a judge from out of the local area to issue the court order to close the park. This seems disingenuous at best and completely underhanded at worst. Since I do not know you personally I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I do think that if this issue was looked at without an agenda that was pre-existing there could be a more reasonable course of action. I quite frankly am very tired of the continuing lawsuits that are clogging up our court systems. Of course you say that you offered to settle out of court but by settle you mean that if you got your way you would go away - until the next time. I think if you took a very honest look at both your methods and your rationale behind them you would understand that your goal is transparent and self serving. This is not a good thing. I would love to see some honest scientific data showing how all of this "pollution" is caused by the people who use the Carnegie OHV park. I am sure I am wasting my energy and time by writing to you but I thought it important to be heard even if ignored. I would love to see some method of resolution that would not involve lawyers and the court system.
Paul Schiess


Paul, CSPA gave notice to the state and attempted to work with them regarding the improvements needed to allow the park to continue to operate. Their lack of seeking  proper permits and taking any action whatsoever, left CSPA no choice but to file suit. The entire matter can be rectified quickly if the state just follows its own rules, applies for the proper permits and makes the necessary corrections. Ed.


CSPA's Bill Jennings responds to Carnegie Park criticisms


Another person disagrees with CSPA on the Carnegie Park Issue


Dear CSPA,
December 29, 2009 -- It seems obvious to me that you are either willfully obscuring the truth about your own biases or, less likely, you are so obsessed with your cause that you are able to deceive yourselves.
I refer to your self proclaimed lack of bias against off-road activities. The claims of your organization's lawsuit, and I quote, "The park discharges prodigious quantities of heavy metals and sediment into Corral Hollow Creek", and ..."necessary measures to reduce and eliminate the massive discharge of pollutants into Corral Hollow Creek", and ..."vast amounts of sediment and heavy metals being discharged into the creek from Carnegie’s heavily-used off-road trails"...Then, "Carnegie’s denuded hillsides, a result of decades of damaging “hill climbs” by off-road vehicles, stand in stark contrast to the lushly vegetated slopes on adjoining private lands". And ..."State Parks has allowed an obscene degradation, not only of a public facility, but of waters of the State"...
The picture your lawsuit paints is one of a roiling mountain stream rushing through lushly vegetated hills until it finds Carnegie, a barren wasteland where the stream turns into a toxic brown soup as it meanders toward the ocean where it will carry vast amounts of toxic metals to further pollute the state's already struggling waterways and fish populations. On it's banks stand dismayed nature lovers from the CSPA who had hoped to find an unspoiled wilderness but who now must return home in utter despair at the rampant spectacle of disregard for what was once a beautiful mountain stream.
The whole lawsuit smacks of hatred and disdain for the damage off-road vehicles create.
But what is the real picture? I've been riding at Carnegie for a few years. Here is what I've observed. First, I've crossed Corral Hollow "Creek" many times on my dirt bike and have yet to get my tires wet. Why? Because, it's always dry. After a heavy rain it may flow for a short period, but never long enough for me to see it flowing. A good time to ride is shortly after rain as the soil has very good traction, so we try to go a day after it rains. Even then, I still have yet to see the water actually flowing. I'm sure it does after a prolonged heavy rain, but for how long?
Second, where does it empty? Your response to a letter writer to your website implies that it empties into waterways with fish in them. You state, "One of the stressors to the system causing this loss (Salmon, Bay, and Delta fishery declines) is the inadequately regulated and sometimes uncontrolled pollution entering our waterways of which Carnegie Park was a significant contributor". Is that honest on your part? When Corral Hollow Creek does run it empties into the San Joaquin valley, not into any waterway. Take a look at Google Earth and trace it's course. It appears that it stops in a large catch basin near its intersection with Highway 580. So how is Carnegie a significant contributor to uncontrolled pollution entering our waterways?
Third, your lawsuit dramatically contrasts the "denuded" hillsides of Carnegie with the lush surrounding area. Yes, dirt bikes tear up trails. But between the trails and hill climbs, the vegetation is every bit as, or more "lush" than the surrounding area. On the road from Livermore to Carnegie, there are several gullies formed by water runoff that are as deep or deeper than any I've seen in Carnegie. The hills near Carnegie are heavily grazed by cattle, sheep, and horses. Talk about denuded! The hills have thousands of horizontal trails created by the many cattle, and I'm sure their manure pollutes the "waterways" as much as any erosion from Carnegie caused by dirt bikes. There are no cattle in Carnegie so the grasses grow long. But while there may not be cattle, there are plenty of other animals that may be seen, especially near dusk. Whenever I have ridden there late in the day I have seen deer, coyotes, foxes, quail, snakes, and other wildlife, probably attracted to those same long grasses and plant life unavailable to the cattle.
Am I saying that Carnegie is pristine? Far from it. But neither is downtown Walnut Creek. isn't there room for people to build cities, houses, hiking trails, airports, and motorcycle parks, and still have billions of acres left over for pure unspoiled wilderness? The only people who seem to think that that idea is tragic are the Ted Kaczynski's of the world.
Is the minor disturbance to a very minor creek really the tragedy that you make it out to be? You aren't fooling anyone about your thinly disguised attack on off road activities.
Bob Humphrey
Pleasant Hill, Ca.More on Carnegie State Park closure


Dear Sirs,

December 22, 2009 -- My name is Eric Hara. I have been a resident of Walnut Creek, Ca all my life. I have two children, 16 and 10. My wife and I do the best we can in raising our children and they always know they are loved. The reason I am writing is to say that I have been riding at Carnegie since I was twelve years old and I am now 45. My father never took me riding so I had to rely on my friend’s parents to take me. These are some of the best memories I have of my childhood.


As soon as my children were old enough to ride I started taking them to Carnegie as well. They both now have a love of riding although there are times that my daughter might choose horseback riding over motorcycle riding because that is her passion. I respect that because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to do what he or she love to do without interference as long as it does not hurt someone else. I have tried to instill this in my children as well as to respect others feelings and property.


I don’t know if anyone in your organization rides motorcycles, I hope they do but whatever your passion is whether it is fishing, sports or bird watching I believe in everyone’s right to pursue their passion. In saying that even if I don’t believe or enjoy the same things you do I would stand with you to guard that right because we all have to live in this great country and every one of us should be able to use a small piece of it to enjoy our passion. I ask that you just consider this when you and your group pursue your lawsuit involving Carnegie SVRA. Great childhood memories may depend on it. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Eric J. Hara


from Jerry Neuburger, Webmaster, CSPA:

Eric and family, CSPA has no desire to shut down Carnegi SVRA but was forced to take action when the state refused to address the pollution problems generated. We sincerely hope the state rapidly develops a plan that will halt the toxic runoff which is the reason for the park's being shut down. We certainly understand the loss of recreational opportunity that the closure of the park causes since a similar loss of recreational  activities is being suffered by California's fishermen including all salmon fishing closed for two years and bay and delta fisheries at less than 5% of their historic levels.


One of the stressors to the system causing this loss is the inadequately regulated and sometimes uncontrolled pollution entering our waterways of which Carnegie Park was a significant contributor. CSPA is pursuing each and every source of pollution and seeking correction. It would be unethical of CSPA to look over Carnegi's problems just because many of its users are also members of CSPA. We suggest that you direct your efforts in having the park return to operation at the management of the park since they have it within their power to correct the deficiencies and return the park to its intended purpose while no longer impacting California's waterways and fisheries.


On the possible sturgeon fishing closure...


August 25, 2009 -- This is frightening.  Sturgeon have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  One needs to ask a couple of questions:  Could their populations be plummeting because of excessive water exports from the Delta?  Why doesn't DFG do something to protect their habitat (which by law they are supposed to) instead of continually lowering limits, closing seasons and restricting methods of take?


Another Arnie fan... In your dreams!


August 20, 2009 -- So Arnie is going to veto a bill that does not include bond measures to pay for an illegal conveyance....HOW NICE....and Paul Rodriguez is getting farmers to sign their names so President Obama will come visit them...maybe someone should send Mr. Rodriguez Bill Jenning's article of today on the site...I wonder if Mr. Rodriguez would be such a hardliner if he knew there WAS water for "his" people, but that the District kept it from them and then lied to boot...Today's articles alone made me print the donation form....Bill, keep up the good work and make sure that the Secretary of the Interior under President Obama gets this newsletter about the lies and suffering this Westlands Water District has caused...does Arnie know about this little bit of information yet?  I hope it goes to anyone of our legislators that gives a damn....



Needs to take a math class...


August 13, 2009 -- Yo Lloyd : From the california dept of ag. · California ranks 19 in U.S. wheat production providing 2% of the national production.

Right there you show you are so full of tripe. My best friend in Chowchilla raised 300 tons this past winter. You are a boob.

P'nai Whemet'na Mono tribe North Fork Ca.


Yo P'nai: I think you're agreeing with Lloyd! Two percent is a VERY small amount of wheat. Let's convert it to decimals- .02, or fractions- 1/50, or two cents out of a buck. Does that help you with the math? Ed.


Spreading the word on the Delta!


August 10, 2009 -- Appreciate the great information related to our Delta problem!  Am forwarding selected articles to others with an interest.  Am corresponding with TNC and have forwarded some of your material.  Information is the key!  It all boils down to several specifics:  Delta outflows to the bay have to be at levels that sustain fish populations and bay/estuarine/ ocean health.  Most overlook the ocean outflow aspect of the equation.  Keep up our present situation and the offshore areas will be dead in time.  Only a limited amount of water can go south.  The south has to accept conservation and agriculture methods that incorporate all state of the art conservation measures and plant crops requiring less water, as does the north.    Some or all of the least desirable Westlands agriculture has to be taken out of production.  Los Angeles basin, San Diego, the Bay Area and Sacramento have to go onto water meters ASAP.  Ground Water equations have to be incorporated into the plan. .. and then we have to look at the growth issue in our state.  You can water only so many horses in a desert!
Thanks again for your efforts!
Trent Robert Pridemore


On the AB 1253 hearing from Restore the Delta


April 28, 2009 -- You all were terrific.  And it is a pleasure to work with you all.  I will do a brief newsletter, but then you won’t hear from me for a week.  RTD is run from my home.  We bought a new home – RTD with our family is being moved starting on Thursday.  On June 1st, RTD is finally going to have an office – and will be moved again.  We also have some serious grant writing to do in the weeks in between.
Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Campaign Director
Restore the Delta


On the AB 1253 hearing from SaveDeltaFish


April 28, 2009 -- Our fish are indeed “smiling.”  We rose up and defended our beloved Striper, and by extension, the delta fishery.  We have our “Everglades of the West” to restore and protect for future generations. We made the political waters toxic for our assembly members to position against the fishery.  We helped expose the disingenuous intent of the original proposed assembly bill. 
It is time for Californians to publically define our water issues.  And it is time for us to put forth a credible and effective solution to our water issues.  Failure to do so will mean that people representing special interests like the Westlands Water District will continue to frame the issue and its resolution to their favor. 
But we will not fail.  Not this time.
Thanks to everyone for all the hard work!!


Robert Johnson Jr., SaveDeltaFish.Org


On AB 1253


April 8, 2009 -- From Captain Jack Chapman

On April 28th at 9am the Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife is going to discuss AB1253, the legislation designed to eradicate striped bass and strengthen the water exporters position by removing one more species from consideration in the delta. If the legislation survives this committee it will move on to other committees dominated by the water exporters and all the legislators their money can buy.
The meeting will be in Room 437 in the Capital Building. This is on the 4th floor on the Assembly side of the building. The room will hold about 80 people. It would be wonderful to see it overflowing with anglers concerned with the state of the delta and fishery and irate over this kind of political maneuvering.
 Whether or not you can attend the meeting please call, fax and write the committee members voicing your opposition to this legislation. 
Sample letters and addresses


Captain Jack Chapman, Sacramento the River City Chapter

California Striped Bass Association


April 7, 2009 -- Dear CSPA,

Thank you for bringing attention to AB 1253 and organizing support for fact-based management of California waters and fisheries.

From your sample letters I formed my own letter that I mailed to the 13 members of the WPW committee you listed. 
The letter is attached as a Word document and also pasted below, in case you want to add it to your page of sample letters.

How about a new bill to be introduced with the WPW committee, to cut back on the water exports from the Delta?

Best regards,

Mark Van Hoomissen


Mark and everyone, here's Mark's letter for those that would like to use it as an example. Ed.



Likes our Newsletter!


Hi folks, just want you to know that I appreciate receiving the newsletter.  I want you to know that I am not a resident of California but I buy my California Fishing Licence every year as I fish almost entirely along the East  side of the Sierra Mountains. Home is in Nevada but I feel a kinship with the folks on the East side of our mountains especially in Alpine County CA.. So your newsletter gives me a chance to help out where I can.
P.S.  I wouldn't dream of missing the Cal Expo Sportsmans Show.



Dr. David Ostrach on AB 1253


March 9, 2009 -- I read the advisory regarding AB 1253 and the attempt to deregulate striped bass as a California Game Fish on your web site.


Please be advised that I am willing to help with the effort to oppose this legislation in any way that I can.  I agree with and support all of the statements provided in the examples labeled numbers 1-6.  I completely concur with Dr. Moyle and Matt Nobriga  that striped bass are not contributing to the problem with the delta smelt. There is NO evidence that stripers are contributing to the problems with delta smelt or other pelagic/endangered fish in this estuary.  I make this statement in almost every presentation I give to agency managers, the scientific community and the public.


I have been studying striped bass in the San Francisco Estuary system since 1988.  During the past three years I've been the principal investigator on the IEP-POD studies investigating the collapse of the striped bass population,  specifically the role of contaminants and multiple stressors on this population's decline.


Please feel free to use my name as a supporter of your efforts and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help keep striped bass as a California Game Fish.


Take care,

David J. Ostrach Ph.D.


Folks, we have now heard from the top two researchers in the field, Dr. David Ostrach and Dr. Peter Moyle that striped bass are not the scape goat that the decline of the delta smelt can be pinned to. Did Assemblywoman Fuller know this when she introduced her bill, I'd  bet my Monday morning Sausage McMuffin on it.


The smoke is clearing and Fuller is not looking good. If someone can  get her campaign contribution list of donors I'd be more than happy to publish it. Wanna  bet that there are some major water district contributors? Ed.



Regarding the CSPA Advisory regarding AB 1253


March 7-I mostly fish for trout and don't know much about the Delta, but I want to save all of our fisheries. I can probably write a pretty good letter just from information that you present on this web site. I have way too little knowledge on this to speak at a public hearing, but if you just need people in the audience to "support the cause"...just let me know





March 6-I am certainly no political activist, but this issue is too important to ignore.  As a life long Californian and fisherman I have seen our resources raped by big business and big cities right before my eyes.  I have only recently been introduced to the Delta, but in that short time I can clearly see it's priceless value.  Therefore, I feel compelled to offer whatever help I can to  CSPA in this fight as well as the many other fronts you are fighting.  I have no strategic alliances or large contributions to offer, but I can donate a bit of my time and effort.  I would be willing to assist in documenting a list of stake holders and contacting them in person or via phone to communicate the the issues.  Maybe some sort of community information program (signage at tackle shops, etc), such as other local fishing clubs have done over the past years in regards to the salmon debacle?  I'm not adverse to to other areas of involvement, but I do have to say that my available time is somewhat limited.





March 6-What we really need is for more folks to help with fund raisers and help build a war chest for ALL of the issues affecting the delta. This one is relatively minor in the context of all of the other issues out there!  If we don't start getting enough outflow out of the delta and fix the looses caused by the pumping we are going to lose the whole ecosystem or if they get the canal built, it won't matter what kind of regs are out there, because there aren't going to be any fish left to regulate!!





March 6-This stuff makes me sick. I believe that this is really emanating from Diane Feinstein. If they want some hell fire try taking on the Striped Bass anglers, Even I wouldn't try that. How many species were introduced to California over the last 150 years. Do we eliminate them all? Anadromous species are a pain to the water mafia in this state as they require clean running water. It is their position that they own all of it.





March 6-Thank you, That is a well written notification and reassuring.  Please let us know if and when we can do something to assist.




Patrick and everyone else, just keep checking in. We'll have a better idea if this bill has legs in about 5 to 7 days. If it looks like some major effort is needed to kill it, we'll spread the word, believe me! Ed.



Hey Bill Jennings, you did good!


March 4 - Bill, Congratulations on the recognition of your good work, and award.

Your attendance at the NCCFFF Hall of Fame dinner last Saturday would have been enjoyable.

As it turned out CSPA was well represented at the event and did well promoting the org.


John Ryzanych

ICON Products


More Kudos


March 4 -- Jerry-  I serve on the Striped Bass Stamp Committee with Mike McKenzie.  Keep up the good work.  I see your postings on Blanton’s Board and I think the upgrade to the CSPA website is very good.  Thanks for all of your hard work.




Thank you, gracias, merci'... however, I'd have nothing to post if the rest of the CSPA team didn't work their butts off! So I'll accept the thanks for all of us. Ed.


Long Beach


February 23 -- Will CSPA have a booth at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show?




Sorry, we have no one that far south right now. We're recruiting a member in that area but it will be a while before he's brought up to speed as to what CSPA is involved in at least a outline form.


Shows take quite a bit of effort and we've found that we have to keep expenses at a minimum when participating since the amount of donations generated at the shows sometimes barely covers expenses, even with the all volunteer time. Ed.


Regarding CSPA's defense of the striper and the leaked legislation


February 23, 2009 -- That's why I love you guys...fighting the battles no else has the stones to fight...  


Thanks so much!




Thanks Mitch, and thanks even more for becoming a member at the "corporate" level. We'll use your donation as wisely as we can. Ed.


We're appreciated!


February 20, 2009 - Just wanted to tell you, to keep up the good work, your efforts are really appreciated!
Red Johnson
Red Johnson Santa Rosa Fishing Tackle, Duck Decoy Show


Thanks Red, everyone enjoys a few strokes, and I hope you have a very successful show too. Ed.


A Question on Trout Stocking


February 13 -- How much is the injunction on not planting trout in many communities going to cost them?




Milt, I can't speak to that with any certainly since there are so many variables and every location is different. However, here are some items to consider. First, only about 180 locations out of 2,000 are affected by the injunction. Second, the injunction only prevents DFG, not other entities, from planting. Well known put and take lakes like Amador may not feel any impact at all. The concessionaire at Amador did most of the planting and, as I understand it, will continue to do so.

Of much greater impact may be the state of California's budget and the stealing of DFG funds by the governor with a promise to pay back. Of course this would be well after his administration is over.
It's my hope, and many others, that the Center for Biodiversity's suit may eventually force DFG to begin the task of constructing a comprehensive trout waters management plan based on sustainability rather than its ability to dump fish into any place where they can back a truck. Well managed waters will out draw a put and take fishery and increase the area's economy. Just look at other western states for examples. Ed.


A Thank You to CSPA...


January 12, 2009 - I just wanted to thank you for the CSPA logo gifts (hats, polos, and fleece jackets) that you dropped off at the NCCFFF booth on Saturday.  Much appreciated and all will be put to good use.  They'll help to make our Annual DVFF Auction another successful event this year.   

All the Best, 
Willy George 
Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen


Willy, no problem, hope the raffle winners wear them with pride. In case they don't know, you can tell them that CSPA was rated the most effective fisheries advocacy group in the state by the California Fly Fisher in their June, 2008 edition. Ed.