The CSPA Weekly Email Newsletter                            March 13, 2009

The battle for Delta water and the fate of its fisheries continues...

March 12-Something's fishy, Bakersfield lawmaker's concern for Delta smelt misguided from the Stockton Record

March 11-Senator Lois Wolk Unveils Delta Legislation At Symposium

March 10-Watch Congressman Miller on video speaking at the delta symposium held February 28th

March 9-Water bond plans come at critical time for Delta from the Stockton Record

March 7-Alex Breitler's blog: Stripers vs. smelt from the Stockton Record

March 6-CSPA Advisory regarding AB 1253, the bill to deregulate the Striped Bass as a California Game Fish

March 6-Proposed bill would slash protection, funding for striped bass from the Stockton Record

March 6-Water agencies sue feds over Delta pumping from the Sacramento Business Journal

Trying to reverse the death of California's salmon...
March 11-California must step up to save salmon, experts tell legislators

March 10-Steelhead trout getting migration help from the Associated Press

March 9-Environmental and fishing communities speak out on salmon crisis

March 7-Top salmon researcher says outlook for fish is grim from the San Jose Mercury News
The paper drought...

March 11-California's claims of three-year drought are all wet from the Stockton Record

March 11-Good things can come from a drought from The Economist

March 10-Climate change accelerates water hunt in U.S. West from Reuters

CSPA in the fight...
March 12-CSPA appeals Maxwell Wastewater Treatment Plant permit, Regional Board ignored regulations

March 12-CSPA appeals Lake Wildwood Wastewater Treatment Plant permit, says Regional Board's approval ignores numerous violations

March 12-CSPA appeals Regional Board's blind-eyed approval of Woodland Wastewater Treatment Plant permit

March 11-CSPA appeals San Andreas Wastewater Permit to State Board, asks that it be brought into compliance with federal and state regulations

March 10-CSPA settles lawsuit against Nelson's Marine for illegal pollution of SF Bay

March 8-CSPA protests extension of pumping of San Francisquito Creek by Cal Water
While Westlands Water District buys a private trout fishing club and still owes the public half a billion dollars from 1968
March 11-Westlands and three other Central Valley Water Districts still owe taxpayers $500 million dollars: New government audit finds that the bulk of an interest-free loan from the 1960s is still unpaid

March 10-Westlands Water District buys private trout club on the McCloud for $35 million, says they're waiting for Shasta dam expansion 15 years away!
More News...

Today's News

In the last week

March 12-Bay-Delta Stamp Advisory Committee meeting results in funding approved for three important fisheries projects, halibut hooking mortality, central valley steelhead monitoring and  the role of contaminants and multiple stressors in the striped bass population collapse

March 10-Wild Trout Program broke, state stiffs Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission for six million dollars: Head of program forced to ask for private funding

March 9-Bill Deadline Brings New Proposed Environmental Legislation from the California Progress Report

 March 7-San Luis Obispo fly fishers puzzled over DFG ruling

March 6-New Dam Endangers The Mokelumne River from American Whitewater

March 6-Environmental Groups Praise Obama's Move to Restore ESA Protections; But Will the Agencies Protect the Delta?

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