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The CSPA website home page has a new look!
CSPA SealCSPA's old website front page was becoming unmanageable and difficult to read. Left over HTML code was causing a nightmare and the increasingly popular Firefox and Google browsers were displaying the page with numerous text and formatting problems.

Last month, CSPA purchased new software to increase the website's capabilities and future capabilities of reader interaction. The new software will eventually result in an  easily navigated expanded site with even more news for the daily reader and a larger and more organized data base for the researcher.

If you haven't checked out the new format, take a look. I think you'll like it!       CSPA's new home page
CSPA only fishing organization to testify at State Board hearing on valley flow schedules...

CSPA SealFebruary 20, 2009 -- CSPA's Executive Director, Bill Jennings and CSPA director and attorney, Mike Jackon, emerged from two brutal (exhilarating?) days of evidentiary hearings at the State Board over the emergency drought petition by the Department of Water Resources and the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation (DWR/Bureau) to relax outflow standards by pitting salmon against Delta species...(Continued)

CSPA's Bill Jennings to be honored at Restore the Delta conference...

Restore the Delta SealRestore the Delta, a Delta-based coalition including Delta farmers, environmentalists, everyday citizens, fishermen, business leaders, the faith community, and recreation enthusiasts, is holding a symposium entitled "A Bold Direction: The People's Vision for the Delta" on February 28, 2009. The event will be held at Wine and Roses Hotel in Lodi, California from 8:15 am to 4:45 pm...(Continued)

Meetings scheduled for 2009 season take for valley salmon fisheries

john beuttlerFebruary 18, 2009 -- Preliminary 2008 salmon data released today indicates a continued and significant reduction in the return size of Sacramento River fall Chinook stock. The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) estimates that 66,200 Sacramento River fall Chinook adults returned in 2008 – the lowest recorded return since comprehensive monitoring of Central Valley hatchery and natural escapement began in the 1970s. An estimated 73 percent of these spawners returned to natural areas...(Continued)

A must read!     The Delta: A National Treasure in trouble      by Bill Jennings

DeltaFebruary 14, 2009 -- Waters from north of Redding to south of Fresno gather in the Delta Estuary.  More than 750 species of plants and animals, 130 of them fish species, inhabit this 600-mile labyrinth of islands, sloughs, canals and channels that comprise once was once one of the richest and most diverse estuarine ecosystems in the world....(Continued)

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In the last week

February 19-DWR schedules state wide scoping meetings regarding Bay Delta Conservation Plan

February 19-Long term uses of dredging materials to be discussed March 12th, April 21st

February 19-The Delta Protection Commission Management Planning Advisory Team to meet March 5th

February 19-California Department of Agriculture to take on invasive species

February 18-Less water now... More water later?

February 18-Klamath River Activists Carry Message to Water Board; Again, call on Officials To Keep Water Clean, Negotiators Honest

February 18-Central Valley Salmon Run Reaches a Record Low

February 17-Peripheral canal — What would it do to Thornton?

February 15-Restore the Delta to hold symposium, "A Bold Direction: The People's Vision for the Delta." in Lodi, February 28

February 15-Delta Pumping A Key Factor Behind Salmon and Killer Whale Declines

February 14-Pirates of the Capitol: Tentative deal reached in state budget standoff;  budget results in weakening environment, labor protections

February 14-CSPA settles suit vs. Waste Management, Alameda County, requires compliance, monitoring, and mitigation

bulletCSPA vs. Waste Management settlement

February 13-NMFS Meeting: High water temps, Red Bluff Diversion Dam, back flowing Delta and pumps major causes of salmon decline

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