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Come visit the CSPA booth #1203 at the San Mateo ISE show THIS Weekend

January 6-Come visit the CSPA booth at the rejuvenated San Mateo International Sportsman's Exposition

A big Victory!!!CSPA and other environmental organizations defeat the Bush Administrations attempt to allow unregulated use of pesticides

January 7-CSPA And Other Environmental Orgs Win Monumental Decision Protecting Local Water Supplies, Fisheries &Wildlife 

Even more CSPA news! More clean water!

January 6-CSPA supports regionalization reclamation, recycling and conservation for wastewater treatment but foresees problems

January 6-CSPA files comments on tentative waste discharge for Amador Pine Grove Community Leachfield System, Amador County

January 5-CSPA files papers with SWRCB on Turlock Wastewater Facility re-licensing

January 3-CSPA files petitions on five wastewater treatment plants, asks for their review

The Peripheral Battle intensifies... Become involved or take what you get, like it or not....

January 9-The Nature Conservancy Backs Schwarzenegger's Big Ditch

January 7-Nature Conservancy backs Delta canal, with conditions

January 7-Congressman McNerney calls for returning delta to health without alternative conveyance

January 6-Schwarzenegger Gushes about Low Carbon Fuel Standards as He Pushes Canal Without Public Approval or Legislative Consent 

January 3-Delta panel urges California canal without legislative, voter OK by Dan Bacher

bulletDelta Vision Committee Implementation Report

Today's headlines 

In other news... 

January 8-Frogs vs. Fish - Trout Stocking Debate Friday at Sportsman's Expo

January 8-Karuk Tribe and eco groups file petition to limit gold mining to save struggling fisheries  

January 7-New Economic Report Finds Commercial and Recreational Fishing Generated More Than Two Million Jobs

January 6-2008: Year of Extreme Poachers and Dangerous Encounters

January 5-Chuck Echer to be 29th Inductee Into The NCCFFF Fly Fishing Hall of Fame

January 3-DFG breeds hybrid wild CoHo salmon to repopulate coastal stream

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