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CSPA to have booth at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show, February 27, 28, March 1. If you're a fly fisher, DON'T miss this show!

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While not part of the show, The NCCFFF Hall of Fame dinner will take place in Pleasanton on February 28. Chuck Echer is this year's inductee.

CSPA in the News! If you are a member, be proud. This is ONE Week's effort by CSPA in cleaning up our waterways. Clean water means a healthy and robust environment for fish (and humans too!)

January 21-CSPA sues Solano Garbage Company for violations of Stormwater Permit
                   CSPA vs. Solano Garbage Company Complaint

January 21-CSPA files comments for Feb Board meeting for review of Lodi Wastewater Treatment Plant practices

January 20-CSPA asks for public hearing on inadequate settlement proposal by DWR for Tipton Milk Processing Facility pollution violations
                   CSPA hearing request

January 20-CSPA stands in the way: DWR willing to further imperil fisheries by pumping Central Valley groundwater south
                  CSPA/Butte Environmental Council Letter

January 19-CSPA files notice of intent to sue two bay area sanitary land fills
                   CSPA Notice of Violations and Intent to File Suit Under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act

January 19-CSPA files comments and asks for designated party status on 3 wastewater permits

January 8, 2009 -- Comments by the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance regarding the          tentative NPDES permit for the Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1, Lake Wildwood Wastewater Treatment Plant 
January 7, 2009 -- Comments by the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance regarding the tentative order for the Byron Wastewater Treatment Facility 
January 6, 2009 --Comments by the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance regarding the proposed Waste Discharge Requirements for Barrel Ten Quarter Circle Land Company, Barrel Ten Quarter Circle, Escalon Cellars. 

January 17-CSPA and C-WIN protest Westlands rescue through San Luis Drainage Resolution
                   CSPA C-WIN comment letter

January 17-CSPA opposes further Delta daily 1000 acre feet diversions
                   CSPA comments 
South Delta Water Agency comments

Salmon in the news...Is there a future for this fish?

January 22-To save salmon, stop subsidizing toxic farming

January 22-Senate passes lands bill containing San Joaquin River money

January 20-NOAA-NMFS BiOp states valley water projects damage delta fisheries
Draft BiOp

January 17-DFG declares limited Sacramento late-fall run salmon fishing a success

CSPA big winner in Dan Bacher's "Leaping Steelhead Conservation Awards"

CSPA wins "Mother of All Lawsuits" award for DWR suit, "Messengers for Fish" award for website, and "Auburn Dam in the Coffin" award for ending project's water rights

Today's headlines 

In other news... 

January 22-San Francisco Alameda Watershed Habitat Conservation Plan under scrutiny

January 21-Another View: Peripheral canal idea still thin on details

January 21-Obama calls halt to last minute Bush regulations to Endangered Species Act and other environmental issues

January 19-Proposed plan irks anglers, hunters from the Fresno Bee

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