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News Media and Anglers react to CSPA law suit on Delta pumping

December 2, 2008 -- CSPA's Delta pumping suit brought coverage from various media sources throughout the state including television and radio stations and major newspapers. 

The topic was also a source of discussion on numerous fishing bulletin boards including Dan Blanton's and the Fish Sniffer.

Group wants chemical-filled farmland retired: The San Francisco Chronicle - By Kelly Zito

Activists sue to shut down Delta pumps : The Contra Costa Times – By Mike Taugher

Lawsuit targets exports Halt Delta water shipments, environmentalists contend: The Stockton Record – Record Staff Writer


Eco groups ask judge to stop delta water flows : The Associated Press


New tack in old battle over California delta pumping : The Los Angeles Times – By Bettina Boxtail


On the bulletin boards


FishSniffer Board --

DoubleHaul wrote:

Wow, what can I say...You go CSPA!

To all who is reading this thread this is huge. If you agree that the exports are killing the Delta, if you agree that the water delivered to irrigate toxic ground is insane, If you agree that selling water at subsidized rates to recharge Kern County water banks, then reselling the water back to the state at huge profits is criminal, If you get angry when our reservoirs are dry and the S Cal reservoirs are full then now is the time to put your money where it can do the most good.

CSPA needs support to continue these fights and needs your membership NOW. For as little as $30 you can be a member. Without support and membership they can't continue to champion our causes. www.calsport.org
Clamkin wrote:
WOW!, that's the kick in the nuts that DWR both needs and deserves. The tack looks strong basing some of the arguments on constitutional grounds.  Let's hope this one wakes somebody up in the water stealing crowd.  Good stuff and thanks for posting it, Dan.
The Reel Deal wrote:
Everyone on this board should donate, a little money now from everyone could save our fisheries for our children. http://www.calsport.org/howto.htm

From Dan Blanton's Board:

Scott Miller wrote: 

This is totally appropriate and necessary. This must take money. Tell us again how we can donate to this lawsuit. I read on the board about all the guys enjoying the fishing in the delta. Now is the time for us to step to the plate. We must pay now or not play later. We all know Westlands has plenty of money.

 From Bill Kiene's board:
Phil Synhorst wrote: 

Excellent!!!! Thanks Mike [McKenzie ed.]