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How the press  covered the USFWS BiOp Delta Smelt decision

December 16, 2008 -- The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Delta Smelt BiOp is a far reaching mandate for the health of the delta and will affect the lives of millions of Californians. Some south San Joaquin valley big ag alarmists are calling it the end to California farming while delta farmers are calling it  a return to common sense and a savior of the delta farming industry.

Anglers and environmentalists are hailing the ruling as a victory for the environment, salmon, delta smelt, the striped bass and other delta fisheries as well as a means to flush the delta of unwanted toxin build up. While average citizens, not familiar with the life and death issues surrounding the delta ecology are uninformed, confused and threatened by the idea that water may no longer flow from their taps.

Here's a sample of the news from around the state as reported by various newspapers.

Stockton Record - Delta water use restriction permanent By Record Staff Writer, December 16, 2008 6:00 AM

CC Times & Tri-Valley Herald - New era of limits for Delta water users By Mike Taugher Contra Costa Times Article Last Updated: 12/16/2008 06:36:40 AM

San Francisco Chronicle - U.S. issues rules to protect Delta smelt by Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LA Times - U.S. tightens the tap on water from Northern California By Bettina Boxall, December 16, 2008

San Jose Mercury News - New rules will cut delta water pumping by up to 33 percent By Paul Rogers Mercury News

Associated Press - Feds advise water cutbacks to save delta fish The Associated Press Article Launched: 12/15/2008