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From the Alameda Creek Alliance


Hearing Thursday on EIR – Speak Up for Alameda Creek


October 28, 2008 -- This Thursday, October 30th, at 1:30 pm, the S.F. Planning Commission will discuss and vote on certification of the final EIR for the WSIP.  At 5 pm the SFPUC Commission will hold a hearing on the WSIP and choose a project. Both hearings are at San Francisco City Hall – the 1:30 Planning Commission hearing is in room 400; the 5:00 pm SFPUC hearing is in room 263.


The WSIP as proposed, specifically the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project and the Alameda Creek “Fishery Enhancement” Project, will have unacceptable impacts on the native fish and wildlife of Alameda Creek, will impede restoration of steelhead trout, and will commit the SFPUC to illegally operating Calaveras Dam and the Alameda Diversion Dam in violation of state and federal wildlife protection laws.


Please attend the hearing and speak up for Alameda Creek


We are asking for additional mitigations and assurances that the Calaveras Dam project will include operating the dam with adequate instream flow releases for steelhead trout and other cold water fish; that the proposed operation of the Alameda Diversion Dam be changed to bypass additional flows and that removal of this dam be studied; that a "water grab" to divert additional water from Alameda Creek be removed from the "Fishery Enhancement" project; and that fisheries protection plans requested by the California Department of Fish and Game be added to the Calaveras project.


We are urging the Commissions not to approve or certify the PEIR until the SFPUC addresses the Alameda Creek fishery issues.


Planning Commission Hearing

SF City Hall, Room 400

Thursday, October 30 at 1:30pm


Special Meeting of the SFPUC

SF City Hall, Room 263      

Thursday, October 30 at 5:00pm


If you can only attend one hearing, the 5pm SFPUC meeting is probably more important. SF City Hall is located at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place , San Francisco -  directions are here.


If you cannot attend the hearing, write a letter to the SFPUC encouraging them to add the Alameda Creek Alliance’s proposed mitigations to the PEIR and the Calaveras Dam project. The address is: Ann Moller Caen , President; SFPUC; 1145 Market Street ; San Francisco , CA 94103 . E-mails can be sent to MHoush@sfwater.org.