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CSPA Action Alert May 17, 2010 

CSPA Protests Sonoma County Water Agency’s Petition for the Russian River

By Chris Shutes, FERC Projects Director

May 17, 2010 -- The California Sportfishing Protection Alliance has protested a petition filed by the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) to change the instream flows in the Russian River. The petition filed by SCWA with the State Water Resources Control Board seeks to reduce instream flows in the Russian River and Dry Creek in conformance with the Biological Opinion for Russian River salmon and steelhead. The Biological Opinion was published by the National Marine Fisheries Service in September, 2008.

CSPA’s protest seeks to make the State Board take an expansive and comprehensive view of the Russian River watershed, and not just limit its analysis to the immediate issue of instream flows. CSPA asks for:

  • An environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act;
  • A public domain water balance model for the Russian River watershed, including water exported to it from the Eel River;
  • A fisheries monitoring plan;
  • Increased and improved gauging by SCWA published real time on the web;
  • Water quality monitoring;
  • Cataloguing and annually updating diversions in the watershed; and
  • Publication on the web of whether water is being released from storage to meet instream flow needs.
Read the protest here