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New Report Shows California Fish in Crisis: 65% of native salmon, steelhead, and trout species may be extinct in next century

November 17, 2008 -- San Francisco, CA - Fish and watershed advocacy group California Trout will release the first-ever comprehensive report chronicling the status of each of California's native fish species (salmon, steelhead, and trout). SOS: California's Native Fish Crisis was written by Dr. Peter Moyle, UC Davis professor and expert on California's water systems and fish. The report's findings indicate that the state's native salmonids are in unprecedented decline and are teetering towards the brink of extinction - an alarm bell that signals the deteriorating health of the state's rivers and streams that provide drinking water to millions of Californians.

Details of the report will be released on a media teleconference. Participants will be able to access a PowerPoint presentation and other materials at URL starting 10:15 AM on November 19th.

All of the species studied in the report support, or have previously supported, major recreational and commercial fisheries and provide enormous economic and cultural value. SOS: California's Native Fish Crisis cites a number of key stressors on California's native fish populations, many of which could be addressed through improved policy planning and better water and land management. Presenters on the teleconference will offer a summary of key species and provide recommendations to address the crisis.

Key Facts

- If present trends continue, 65% of native salmon, steelhead, and trout species will be extinct within the century.
- Sixty-five percent of the species headed towards extinction are found only in California.
- Of the state's 22 anadromous fish species (which spawn in freshwater and live most of their adult lives in the ocean), 59% are in danger of extinction.
- Of the state's nine living native inland fish, 78% are in danger of extinction.
For an embargoed copy of the report, please contact Severn Williams at sev@sevwilliams.com or 510-336-9566. This story is embargoed until November 19th at 10:00am.

Media Briefing Teleconference
Wednesday, November 19th - 10:15 AM (Pacific)

Brian Stranko,Chief Executive Officer, California Trout
Dr. Peter Moyle, Professor, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences
Scott Feierabend, Conservation Director, California Trout

Call in Number: (877) 476-3487 ID#: 74238781
WEB PRESENTATION DURING CALL @ https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/readypresent/join
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